Our Services



Regular maintenance and repairs are essential to avoid plant downtime and ensure a long life cycle. INNERGY stands by our customers throughout their service life through individual and flexible contracts and maintenance agreements, including advisory by specially trained employees.
Contact us regarding official spare parts.

Product quality and long-term availability are very important to us. Combined with services tailored to the customer's plant, our service aproach demonstrates excellent cost performance. In addition, for power generation projects, we offer under-warranty and lifetime plant operation services for your peace of mind.


Refurbishment and optimization (Overhaul)


We analyze and evaluate the condition of parts and equipment, providing valuable insights to consider necessary measures for your plant. This allows customers to gather operating conditions and status data (e.g., flue gas values, operating temperatures, power, etc.) to enhance the transparency of critical plant equipment. INNERGY's analytical capabilities generate recommendations for plant optimization, facilitating error identification as well as risk minimization.



We analyze all projects to provide customized technical solutions. Our engineering department, equipped with the latest tools and extensive experience, develops tailored solutions, including:

  • Calculation and design of structures
  • Piping network design calculations (stress and flexibility)
  • Combustion calculations
  • Analysis of HAZOPs and ATEX
  • EN, ASME design and compliance with specific Standards as JIS
  • General electrical and mechanical design

With our expertise, we strive to deliver high-quality solutions that meet your specific project requirements.


O&M / Overhaul / Engineering / Consulting Advisory

Consulting – Advisory


We are fully committed to advising and supporting our customers not only for power plant feasibility and investment studies, but also for additional training courses, analysis of ideal operating parameters and as a competent point of contact for any outstanding questions.