We believe that it is our mission to take care of the global environment and local communities!

Company introduction


Company name: Innergy Japan K.K.

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan. 

Issued Capital: JPY 49,950,000 ¥
Establisment: Founded in 2015. Owner of the INNERGY´s Engineering and Know-how since its inception. 

Part of the UNITRADING Group since 2022.

With exclusive rights of the INNERGY and ERATIC brands worldwide.


INNERGY relentlessly pursues perfection in the products we offer and continuously endeavors to create new and innovative solutions through bold and ambitious challenges. Our commitment to perfection drives us to conduct ongoing research, seeking continuous improvement in our development processes. We embrace a philosophy of making incremental improvements every day, constantly striving for excellence by embracing tougher challenges. This relentless pursuit of improvement is at the core of how INNERGY operates.

Company Profile


We firmly believe that our mission is to take care of the global environment and support local communities. With this in mind, we prioritize building long-term relationships that faster growth not only for our employees, partners, customers, and suppliers but also for the communities we operate in. Rather than pursuing individual gains, we are committed to conducting our operations in a sustainable manner, and we actively seek opportunities for social development in the region.