Heat recovery heat exchangers,


INNERGY's high performance heat recovery technology is a breakthrough system that replaces conventional heat exchangers for the transfer of heat from gas to gas, gas to liquid, or vice versa.


In addition to conventional heat exchangers, we also offer “heat pipe” heat exchangers from the recognized technology partner ECONOTHERM®, known for the development of one the best heat transfer technologies in the market, capable of conducting thermal energy more than 1000 times that copper, with a temperature drop of -17°C per 30cm.


All projects are customized for each customer's application to produce heat or Electricity with an ORC (Organic Ranking Cycle) module.



Multiple redundancy, independent pipe operation ,Simple, compact and lightweight.

Robust, highly reliable, and nearly fail-safe, Compatible with 2.5mm or 3.5mm pipe walls

Because of its design, there is no thermal stress and no start-up is required. instant responsiveness.

Minimal maintenance, easy cleaning, easy handling of high-temperature and highly polluted exhaust.

Isothermal operation with no hot spots or cold spots.

Exclusive technology and Expertise