Biomass Power Plants

Custom made biomass power plants


Our integral plant service includes project definition, site conditions, fuel availability, pre-design according to customer requirements, general design, engineering, manufacturing, procurement, parts conformity based on EN/ ASME and local standards, and assembly. We offer comprehensive support, commissioning, training and O&M, under warranty and throughout the life of the entire plant.


Heat energy meters.

Boiler automatic ignition devices.


Electric wirings.

INNERGY has a complete line of modular power plants using both conventional STEAM technology and ORC.

Blanket system to enhance thermal oil life.

Additional gas particle treatment system with electric filter or bag filter for the biomass/waste fired boilers.

NOx emission reduction systems.

Piping networks and connection arrangements between consumers and biomass boilers.

Thermal oil with various properties according to project requirements /Water treatment plants for Steam applications. 

Auxiliary pump engine groups powered by diesel.

In addition, we provide other components upon customer request.  

Thermal power application

The technical department that plays a central role in INNERGY

The technical department introduces the latest technology in software development and equipment design. Our division consists of a technical team dedicated to a wide range of specialties, ensuring that our customers are satisfied with the applied solutions.

Standard power range: 0.3 to 15 Mwe (higher rated power available on request)

List of recommended spare parts.

SCADA equipment monitoring and control system.

Standard/forecast/corrective maintenance contracts.

ORC working process

High pressure steam vs ORC

The advantages and disadvantages of each technology vary depending on various factors such as the size of the fuel, the presence or absence of water, space limitations, fuel, etc. Please contact us.